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Workshop Reminders

 Be polite & respectful of your instructors, fellow dancers & room monitors.
 Dress appropriately for your classes.
 Cover-ups must be worn outside ballrooms.
 No cell phones during classes
 No dancing in hotel hallways or open areas (there are non-dancing guests)
 Do NOT play in elevators or on the escalators!

Curfew is 11:30. Keep voices down, no partying in rooms.

 Class time is for your children to learn & they do not need distractions.
 Turn off all cell phones while in classes & no talking/visiting.
 Although we love to see future dancers, we discourage you from bringing younger siblings into the classes.
 Cash Sales Food: Will be located in the Hotel Lobby next to the Sushi Bar.
Guests attending the Performing Arts Competition:
 NO Photography, including digital cameras & NO Video recording during PAC.
 No Food allowed backstage!!
 No “well wishing” signs, balloons or banners!
 Dancers appreciate your applause & support (cat calling will not be tolerated).
 Showcase: For students & parents registered for the workshop.
 If seats are available, tickets will be sold for $10.00 each.
 DJ/Dessert Party: For students & parents registered for the workshop ONLY.

NOTE: No tickets for DJ/Dessert Party will be sold at the door!!


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